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Artist/Life Statement


    My work aims to honor the central practices I need to live a flourishing life; I have named this Full Sparkle. The practices of Full Sparkle are the following: connection with community, liberating trickster energy, playfully subverting people, places, and things, and mindfulness. 

    Through the practices of Full Sparkle, I create participatory and static sculpture that calls into question the societal norms and restrictions of places, spaces, and ideas and why as individuals we continue to follow them. By playfully subverting places, spaces, and people, my work challenges and changes these rules and restrictions. My intention is to bolster the wellbeing of the folks that connect with it and foster meaningful connection with them to build community. 

    I further the challenge by intentionally using materials that are classified in a range of hierarchies. These materials can be glitter, glass, yarn, bronze, wood, food, bubbles, or even a friendly wave to a stranger. All materials are welcome in my practice and are intentionally chosen in order to question what we know. 

    As mentioned, my work is also made so that I continue to exercise the practices of Full Sparkle. Simply put, I want to flourish and I want you to flourish too. It won’t be easy, hell it ain’t easy in a world that relentlessly distracts, shames, and misguides you and I from our inner voices and best selves. So let’s all actively choose and fight to live well and encourage and empower each other to do so. Full Sparkle is how I do this. What do you do and name your flourishing life?

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