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Each Mini Mischief will be no bigger than your favorite coffee mug. All materials are fair game when I create and each Mischief is created uniquely. 


See the FAQ section for more info.



Mini Mischief Trio

  • What is a Mischief Consortium?

    A group of folks who want to support me in my playful and creative endeavors! I do hope you join.


    What is a Mischief?

    A Mischief is a work of art created during a time of play and shenanigans. These works can be sculptural, functional, 2-dimensional, and more. ALL materials are considered when making a Mischief. 


    Where do you ship?

    Shipping is only to the contiguous 48 States at this time. 


    What is the difference between a Mini and Mega Mischief?

    A Mini Mischief will be no bigger than your favorite coffee mug or 4 inches in some direction.

    A Mega Mischief will be twice as big as a mini or 8 inches in some direction.


    When will I receive my Mischief?

    The Mini and Mega Mischief Trio will be sent out three times over 2023. You will a Mischief in May, August, and November. If you add on a Solo Mischief to you Trio it will ship with your next Trio Mischief Package. 


    If purchasing a Solo Mischief only it will ship 6-8 weeks from purchase.


    What if I don’t like it?

    Oof! That hurts, jk. Look, your taking a chance on me, I get it. You earned that money and you care what you get with it. Yet, this is more than just the result your purchasing. You’re supporting an artist! A human! The very thing that brings light to my life. Your’e also taking a chance on yourself, to lean into wonder and play. Give me a chance and if you don’t like it you don’t have to come back for seconds. I will say though, you’ll have an epic White Elephant gift.

    …to be clear there are no refunds or returns. 


    Damage or lost

    Contact me asap! If damaged please take many  images of the outside and inside packaging and item.

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